2003 Fender Esquire Custom GT, nicknamed “The Bitchin’ Camaro”.

Dan Amrich of the band Palette Swap Ninja sent us in some beautiful shots a while back and he’s back with this particularly incredible specimen for us to to gaze at.

"Hi all! Been a while since I sent one of my guitars in, and I’ve been enjoying seeing everybody else’s, so here’s another one from my stash, thanks to my pro-photographer wife, KatrinAuchPhotography.

These were Korean-made models that were sold for just the one year, then inexplicably blown out on clearance for $300 each. (Mine is Chrome Blue, and the finish varied a bit from light to dark over models I’ve seen; they also made these in metallic dark red with a white stripe and in silver with a black stripe.) It’s an unusual Fender for a lot of reasons: Mahogany body, carved top, set neck, slim D-shaped neck profile, tummy cut, a lone volume knob…aside from the famous Telecaster shape, the hardtail bridge, and the single pickup configuration, it’s about as far as a 50’s Esquire as you can get! It was designed as a pop-punk monster, and it originally came with black chrome hardware and a black Seymour Duncan Invader SH-8. For personal preference, I dropped in a white SD JB SH-4, polished away the smoke tint from the tuners, and replaced the other parts with silver chrome. The stripe goes all the way around the body, even under the strap button. It’s extremely light and makes a joyful noise! You can still find these floating around eBay from time to time for under $500, so if you spot one, grab it — you won’t regret it.

Thanks for the daily dose of six-string lust. I’ll send in more stuff later!”

Looking forward to it Dan!

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"All my current amps (and a few projects I’m getting round to finishing…)"

This little slice of amplified heaven has come in courtesy of Tommy Blair. 

Ok everyone, can we all on the count of three start shaking our fists at the computer screen and scream “Damn you Blair, DAAAMNNN YOUUUUU!!!”

One, two, three…

Is that rickenbacker 430 I see? So sexy

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